Tree condition & risk assessment

Tree condition & risk assessment

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Specialist in tree condition assessments and the management of tree related risk.


Trees are fundamental to our well-being and quality of life and the overall risk to the public from falling trees is extremely low.  Managing the risk from trees is the responsibility of the owners and managers of the land on which they grow and it can involve difficult decisions balancing the great benefits that trees provide against a need to manage risk.

We specialise in the production of bespoke Tree Risk Identification and Management Policies for landowners responsible for large tree populations such as universities, estates and holiday parks.

Our tree condition assessments draw on 25 years of industry experience and training, we use an internationally recognised system of tree risk assessment and only recommend tree works if there is overriding justification.

Our surveyors are all highly qualified, skilled and experienced LANTRA certified Professional Tree Inspectors and licensed practitioners of the QTRA (Quantified tree risk assessment) system.

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Our process

How we will achieve your goals

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1 Establish brief
Step one

We discuss the site and unique management objectives of our clients and provide advice on site zoning based on the frequency of use or material value of the land adjacent to the trees.

2 Tree survey
Step one

We visually assess the physiological and structural condition of all trees on the site recording information pertinent to the brief.

3 Report
Step one

We produce clear reports with accurate plans and justified time-scaled work recommendations taking full account of our clients objectives. Our reports will demonstrate our clients have met their landowner duty of care and can be used to obtain appropriate consent for any recommended tree works.

Why choose us

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Over 25 years industry experience in all aspects of arboriculture from single tree surveys to expert witness work.

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Our understanding and study of Arboriculture is always advancing and evolving through a commitment to extensive continual professional development.

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Efficient & affordable

We pride ourselves on our efficient and streamlined working practices that mean a cost effective service that meets our clients objectives and delivery timescales.

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We communicate what can be complex arboricultural and scientific issues in a clear way that all of our clients can understand.

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Climate Conscious

We understand the importance of the UK's biodiversity targets and are committed to minimising our carbon emissions in every aspect of our work.

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We are specialists in providing tree condition and risk management advice and tree related development services.

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By providing the highest possible standard of service and delivering on our clients expectations we have established a wide and varied client base.

Architects & landscape architects
Insurance companies & solicitors
Land owners
Planning consultants
Loss adjusters
Schools, colleges & universities
Holiday parks
Local Authorities
Home Owners
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