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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to discuss how we can be of service on a project and will provide a fee proposal with no obligation.

The council have asked me for an Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Arboricultural Method Statement, what are these?

These are documents that National and local planning policy requires are submitted in support of planning application where trees could be impacted. Assured trees can provide these for you.

I have a leaning tree in my garden, is it dangerous?

Just because a tree is leaning it does not mean it is dangerous, if the tree has grown on a lean all of its life it can be fine, if a tree that was straight develops a lean, then this is more of a concern and we recommend it is assessed.

What time of year should I have my trees inspected?

There is no right or wrong time to assess a tree, there are pros and cons to assessing trees in different seasons and the best time depends on multiple site and client specific factors which is why we tailor our surveys to meet our clients objectives.

My Mortgage Company have requested a tree survey can you assist.

Yes we offer home buyers surveys that will satisfy the requirements of mortgage and insurance companies and provide prospective homeowner with peace of mind regards trees at the property..

I have a TPO tree in my garden that I wish to undertake work on, can you assist?

Yes we can apply for works to trees that are the subject of a TPO and/or in a Conservation Area. We can also appeal against TPO work refusals. Please get in touch if you require further advice.

Do you undertake tree works?

No we do not undertaken works so that our clients can be sure any work recommendations we make are truly objective and not in the interest of work creation. We are able to recommend  reputable tree work companies or facilitate / project manage works on request.


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